Irene Abdou helps mothers remember the minute details and expressions of their children’s faces. She helps singles find their special someone to share their life with and helps women feel beautiful and empowered and glamorous and confident. She helps professionals move up in their careers and small business owners grow their businesses. She is a sculptor of light, though the uninitiated simply know her as a photographer.

Irene owns and operates Irene Abdou Photography, LLC , the Montgomery County-based photography studio that has delighted Washington DC area residents for more than a decade. Are you a woman age 50 or over? Women 50+ are strong, beautiful, confident, and wise, and that’s cause for celebration. Irene’s “50 Over 50 & Fabulous” project aims to embrace the beauty of aging. Learn more about this inspirational photography project at

Irene also operates Irene’s Photo Workshops helping individuals end their photographic frustrations and experience the joy of photography through private photography lessons and group workshops. She has also worked with organizations to teach photography skills to employees to enhance their communications and fundraising efforts, and her photography class for beginners – “The 7 Keys to Extraordinary Photography” – is now completely online!