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I believe all work occurs in relationship, but to explain this belief to others I had to delve into the WHY… Why do people frequent the same grocery store, restaurant, clothing brand? Why do we read the same newspaper, watch the same evening news? Why are we so loyal to these strangers? Sure, some of this may be driven by convenience, but the really important ones are driven by Values. Not the little ‘v’ value, which is usually associated with money but the big ‘V’ Value – trust, honesty, and respect. Our personal loyalty is bound to the places and people where we feel a connection, where we believe our Values are being met. 

At WBO-MC, we want to create a community bound by Values, where we know each other not by our listing in a directory but through our relationships. To help build these relationships we are starting a new kind of meeting where members gather, exchange stories, and appreciate how we each got to where we are. In understanding our personal motivations and passions, we build trust, display honesty, and demonstrate mutual respect. In coming together from a place of Values we build working relationships. This is what it means to be a part of the WBO-MC Community. 

These sessions are designed to be small in order to allow time to really hear our stories. Sessions will be facilitated to ensure everyone has time to share. Brief stories will be posted to the website under Coffee, Tea & Me. Email to sign up.   Our location is tentative but we hope to make it a permanent space for these meetings. Emails will be forthcoming to confirm this. 

We hope this will be an offering we continue long into the future. Your ideas and feedback are welcome.


Venue BECO Living Room
Address 11140 Rockville Pike
Rockville MD 20852, US
Starts Mon Nov 11 2019, 09:00am EST
Ends Mon Nov 11 2019, 10:00am EST


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