Member Spotlight: Katherine Morris

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Psychologist Katherine Morris is a new WBO member with a most interesting area of specialization.  “My work primarily deals with helping men through the divorce process,” she says, noting that both her website and the name of her practice is Successfully Single Men.   

Why specifically men?  “Men have different needs,” says Katherine.  “I grew up playing mostly with boys. Through the years, I have been in many male dominated occupations and professions.  I am comfortable with men and they seem comfortable with me. I also do marriage counseling because sometimes divorce is not the only alternative. In that instance, I have worked with women.”

Katherine has been doing this work in different forms for about 30 years while having a psychotherapy practice that was more general.  A child of divorce, Katherine’s early experience with her parents’ divorce “planted the seed,” as she saw how her father suffered. Katherine and her siblings spent weekends with her father, who did not want the divorce.  The ensuing sadness made an impression on Katherine, who later had a great deal of experience working with people who need her help.

Katherine earned a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, had analytic training in depth psychology and Jungian analysis, and worked at the Rape Crisis Center at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital and at Creedmoor, a psychiatric hospital in Queens, NY. She particularly likes seeing positive transformations in her clients after they experience the shock of life changes.

“Men who have been married for an extended period of time experience many life traumas,” says Katherine. “So many variables change — where they live, their financial status, marital status, social life, relationships with family and friends… These things produce discomfort where once they gave identity and comfort. They may also be dealing with a new job while trying to cope with new things.” Most of Katherine’s male clients are in the 50-70 year age group.  She provides psychological support as well as practical support (i.e., how to cope with everyday decisions like grocery shopping, etc.).

Katherine explains her work as part of a larger entity called Whole Psychiatry, which she describes as “basically a functional medicine practice that assesses all metabolic systems.” For example, people’s relationships issues may have biological causes.  Mood is affected by sleep or genetic problems. There are biological causes for behavior, thinking, and emotions. “Getting these problems assessed is important whether joining a marriage or leaving a marriage. If you don’t know what’s causing you to do, think or feel in a certain way, you will continue making the same mistake,” says Katherine.

This new WBO member likes the structure and the speakers at our luncheon meetings. She particularly enjoys learning about the different areas of expertise of our members. When she is not working, Katherine loves riding her new electric bike, which she calls “marvelous.”  Because she takes pride in always learning, she enjoys different areas of study such as Feng Shui, astrology, and Hasidism.

Katherine invites WBO members to visit her website at  or to email her at

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