Member Spotlight: Kathleen Landers

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“I am a clinical social worker who has been practicing in the field for over 25 years. I have been a woman business owner for the last 16 years with a solo private practice for 10 years and the owner of a group practice for the last 6,” says Kathleen Landers, when asked what she does professionally.  In 2012 Kathleen transitioned her solo practice into a group practice in Rockville, which she named Sequence Counseling and Consulting Services. Her very complete web site ( describes this group that “offers individual, group and couples’ therapy in addition to career and organizational consulting.”  


While Kathleen had been in leadership roles earlier in her career in non-profit and government supported positions, her current, multi-faceted organization has a mental health component, with therapists and a psychiatrist; a coaching component, with career and leadership coaching; and a wellness component through the Sequence Institute “where both sides of that continuum offer programs for the general public through workshops and educational programs,” notes Kathleen.


Now at 11 service providers, this organization serves close to 300 individuals a month through the various components of the practice, each directed at various stages in the “Sequence” of life. Previous clients have shared the experience that Kathleen “inspires hope and models happiness, while offering a reasonable perspective that includes daily coping skills.” Her goal is “to help clients solve problems, work through feelings, resolve relationship challenges, overcome traumatic experiences and improve long-term happiness.”  Kathleen is also licensed by the State of Maryland to provide clinical supervision to other social workers earning their clinical license.


Clients are helped with a variety of problems. “We see people in life transition/life crises, and support those who have experienced job loss or marital difficulty, and those who may have anxiety or depression that interferes with day-to-day functioning,” says Kathleen.  “We serve adults, adolescents and children.”


Examples of preventive wellness services include day-long couples’ retreats, designed to help couples strengthen their relationship, and services for parents expecting their first child, to help them transition to a parenting couple with a resilient relationship.  There are also workplace in-service offerings to help employees in a myriad of ways, including one to support leaders develop the habits of wellness. The practice of “mindfulness” is infused throughout the services offered by Sequence.


What does Kathleen like best about her work? “I love working with people and I get to do that in lots of different ways. I like creating things and find myself constantly sharing information, trying to bring it back to others so it can help them. I love the challenges of new ideas, figuring out how to do things, solving problems, showing people how to do something better, and finding resources that others may need,” says Kathleen, who explains, “I am a strong believer in the value of community for all of us. The communities we belong to help keep us grounded and strong. I have created a workplace community with a group practice for the therapists and coaches in my organization.  They, in turn, help create better communities for themselves and their clients. My job is a source of fun for me; it feeds my curiosity, so that brings vitality to my life.”


Several years ago, Kathleen had belonged to WBO for 4 or 5 years.  Recently realizing that her membership had lapsed, she rejoined WBO with a business level membership, and appreciates the concept of our organization’s support of women who are themselves striving to be leaders. “Women are being quite creative in matching their professional lives with their creative lives, making the right (professional) fit for themselves,” says Kathleen.  “I like that WBO creates a community and acknowledges the value of the independent quality of small business people.”


A native of North Carolina, Kathleen has been in Montgomery County for over 20 years. Her background and experience includes training in human development and systems. She says, “I apply that in many different ways at this point, and keep adding more!”  When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, as well as gardening, hiking, boating, and “lots of reading to learn more,” says Kathleen.


If you are struggling with relationship issues, performance difficulties, or emotional crises, visit and learn more about Kathleen Landers and her colleagues. You may also email Kathleen at or call 240-200-5401 Ext 4 and make an appointment to discuss what’s bothering you. Kathleen and her team have helped hundreds of people improve the quality of their lives.


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