WBO-MC Shines at the Power Conference 2018!

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By Jamie Kent Hamelburg

WBO President & 2018 Conference Co-Chair

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I’m so excited about the success of The Power Conference, one of the region’s main networking and educational events for women-owned businesses. For the past eight years, WBO has worked with a consortium of three other groups to produce the conference, but I think that Power Conference 2018 topped them all. On August 9, over 500 participants came together to spend an action-packed day promoting women-owned businesses, while learning and adding to their skills through informative workshops.

Our own WBO member Sharon Weinstein did a morning keynote on the fortune of the follow-up, sharing her expertise on networking and communicating, with topics like ways to turn collected business cards into opportunities. This was one of the best-attended morning keynotes in Power Conference history.

In addition to Sharon’s morning keynote, a number of other WBO members led workshops with high marks. We learned from Doris Barber who spoke on social media, Naomi Abrams on ergonomics for your business, Sandra Remey on PR and marketing tips that help a business stand out, Jackie Kindall on ways to supercharge your leadership style, and Mari Millard on the benefits and burdens of running a business with your spouse.  

Another keynote speaker was Cheri Tree, an internationally recognized expert in personality-based sales training.  She shared her story of living in a warehouse while she developed her company, to earning millions in annual revenue. She extended her talk in a late afternoon session, describing her system of identifying and communicating with buyers based on their buying personalities.   

Other highlights of the day included a panel of cybersecurity experts discussing the biggest security threats to our businesses and what steps to take now. We also had a group of business development experts share tips, ideas and suggestions on how to excel at business development.

Throughout the day participants were able to record podcasts to promote their business. WBO member Doris Barber ran a “Live Stage” with interviews of notable attendees. Another addition was the creation of an electronic book called The Book of Practical Wisdom, which contains concise take-aways from all of the speakers.  Because of the popularity of sessions that ran concurrently, it was impossible to attend each one of interest.  With the book, attendees can still learn key points from each session they might have missed. (This is available to attendees only as a perk of attendance.)

Other WBO members participated in the conference in meaningful ways. Committee Co-Chairs from WBO in addition to me were Wendy Howard, Doris Barber and Laura Rhode. Shala Graham took terrific (and free!) headshots. Doris Barber did Facebook live interviews.  Naomi Abrams headed up registration and Sharon Weinstein helped with speaker selection. Sandra Remey assisted with PR. Our WBO members played an important role in the success of the conference, indeed.

I’m not the only one spreading the word about this great event. Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation called it a “resounding success” in its newsletter. More coverage in the news is here.

If you’re interested in speaking at next year’s conference or serving on a committee, it’s easy to sign up.  Just contact info@thepowerconference.com. The conference website is at www.thepowerconference.com/ If you had to miss the conference this year, we hope you won’t make the same mistake twice!

Here’s what attendees had to say about the conference:

“I am still floating on Cloud 9 from last week’s Power Conference! As always, The Power Conference did not disappoint. I learned so much and met so many amazing people.”

“The entry registration has easily been paid many times over by the contacts I’ve made. It was one of THE best conferences I’ve ever attended.”

“Beautiful event! Love all the new things.”

“This conference was something very special for me. I am going to make some big changes in my business as a result of today.”

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