Member Spotlight: Doris Barber

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When Doris Barber started her gift basket company, Blessed Baskets, she decided to use the word, blessed because it has connotations of goodness — good wishes, anything which is very welcome and beneficial.  “My philosophy of gift giving is to “bless and impress” — bless the receiver with something good and impress upon them how much you care.  It’s not just about the gift,” she says. “It’s the thought behind it and the genuine affection it expresses.”


Doris believes that gift-giving should be a transaction of the heart and reflect the heart of the giver.  She makes every effort to understand the recipient’s preferences before designing a gift basket. Some gift baskets may contain gourmet goodies or bath and body products, others offer congratulations for a new home or baby, or thank you for a job well done.  They may also commemorate Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or special holidays. “This is a joyous business,” says Doris, explaining, “The recipient feels joy, which reflects back to the sender.”  


Doris, of course, loves to see how people react when they receive a gift basket.  She hand-delivers most of them, so she can immediately see the recipient’s eyes light up and finds this heartwarming. Blessed Baskets has been in existence since 2002. Some of Doris’ customers are corporate clients who send thank you gifts at Christmastime; however, many gift baskets are personal gifts, expressing care and appreciation to individuals.  Customers usually find her company by searching the internet, but others have come through word of mouth referrals.


How did Doris get involved with gift baskets and gift giving? “I learned the power of gift giving when I started creating gifts for others as a preteen.  I consider myself a “chief relationship officer” because I know from experience that a gift can build or mend a relationship.” She spent many years providing office support to businesses but decided that helping people express their sentiments through gifting was what she really wanted to do.  


Doris joined WBO in 2003, just after she started her business.  She is now serving on the WBO board as Publicity Chair and Non-Profit Liaison. “I find it invigorating to be around other WBO members,” she says, noting, “I feel empowered to take my business to the next level after every meeting.”  


Originally from New Jersey, Doris now calls Maryland her home.  When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, singing and listening to music. 


In addition to Blessed Baskets, Doris owns a boutique marketing and consulting firm, Doris Barber Consulting.  She started this company to help businesses build and strengthen relationships with their customers online and offline. Using a mix of digital marketing (social media, web development and design) and traditional marketing, she provides marketing solutions to help entrepreneurs, organizations and small business owners build the “know, like and trust” factor with their clients and customers. “The seeds of this business started when I was spending most of my time caring for a newborn. I held him with my left arm and l designed websites with a mouse in my right hand.” After freelancing for several years, she decided to officially start her own company in 2015.


If you need help in finding the perfect gift for someone, visit or call (240) 449-GIFT.   If you need help building your digital presence to increase brand awareness, instill trust, and ultimately attract the people you want to serve to your company, visit or call (240) 780-8322.