November President’s Letter: Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was November 19.  It is a day set aside to celebrate the entrepreneurial achievements of women. This annual event, celebrated the world over, first began three years ago. On this day, conferences are held to initiate start-ups, drive female empowerment and spur economic expansion.

Why devote a day to female entrepreneurship issues? Our news feed is full of revelations of women (and some men) being subjected to harassment and abuse at the hands of bosses and mentors. These events are not new, but only recently coming to light in the public conscious. Being your own boss is the ultimate in female empowerment. As women business owners, we are on the front line for being catalysts of change and serving as role models for our daughters, sisters and mothers. As we celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we should celebrate ourselves. Congratulations to our WBO members in all of their efforts and successes to achieve financial independence.

WBO President Jamie Kent Hamelburg is a partner of Press, Dozier & Hamelburg, LLC, a business law firm in Bethesda, Maryland. She can be reached at and (301)913-5200.

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