Member Spotlight: Rhonda J. Gimbel, LTCP

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Rhonda J. Gimbel is an independent insurance advisor whose company, LTC Professional Insurance Group, specializes in long-term care and income replacement/disability insurance.  Rhonda chose to focus on these insurance products since people often neglect to include them in their insurance portfolio even though not having this protection can have a tremendous impact on their future independence and financial security. “Income replacement insurance often works together with long term care,” says Rhonda.  “If you are injured or ill and can’t work, you will need your income replaced. Also, you may need someone to take care of you.” While people often buy life insurance when they get married and think about raising a family, Rhonda notes that people may be injured often and at early ages, eventually requiring financial and personal help.


Explaining further, she says that 40% of the people who need long-term care today are not old. They are between 18 and 65 years old.  Car accidents, motorcycle and swimming pool accidents, as well as diseases that impact middle age occur before old age.  Breast cancer, MS, prostate cancer, and HIV also affect people in middle age.  While many people today are living longer than their parents and grandparents, they will, most likely, require some help.


Rhonda has been helping clients with disability and long-term care insurance since 1998.  As a licensed life and health agent, she has added Medicare supplement insurance in recent years.  “The baby boomers are going on Medicare now,” she says. Medicare supplemental plans cover and fill in the gaps in medical coverage not covered by the standard Medicare Plan.


Like many WBO members, Rhonda’s path to her final career was indirect. She started in New York City as a math teacher in middle and high schools.  While her degree specialization revolved around math and economics, she selected education as an elective and taught for four years, realizing that she “fell into this career, but wasn’t happy pursuing it.” Taking a leave of absence, she decided to explore the business world, recalling that she had been trained as a dental assistant while she was in college.  After accepting a job with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Rhonda did some marketing and liked it. She left teaching, learned more about business, and moved to the Maryland-DC area when her husband’s business was relocated here.


What does Rhonda like about her work?  “I provide good information to people to help them make informed decisions for themselves. I am most concerned about women with regard to long-term care,” she says.  “We need care. We live longer and need someone to care for us when we need help. It is especially important for women to protect themselves and take care of themselves,” says Rhonda.


A member of WBO “off and on” for approximately eight years, Rhonda has been a consistent member in recent years because she feels that “WBO is an important group to be involved with.  “I like the sharing of information,” she says.  “It feels as if we all work together, even if we are in different fields.”


Rhonda grew up in New York City. When she is not working, she likes to practice the piano, as she is new to taking piano lessons. She also enjoys listening to jazz and participating in a zumba class.


If you or someone you love needs the protection of long-term care and/or income replacement/disability insurance, visit Then call Rhonda at 301-294-0641.  You can also reach her by e-mail at  LTC Professional Insurance Group specializes in affordable, comprehensive long-term care insurance plans for individuals, associations and businesses. Rhonda Gimbel can design a plan that will work best for you and your family.


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