WBO-MC President's Letter
 Dear WBO, This president's letter will be a bit different than others since I am tapping it out with two fingers on my phone while I'm with my mother in a hospital in Buffalo, NY. My 86 year old mother has had a number of health challenges during the last two years and this past Saturday she suffered a stroke.
I thought about my mother when I was at The Power Conference this past week. My mother would have loved being with so many powerful women who are passionately invested in themselves, their communities and their businesses. And Carla Harris, our keynote speaker who is an accomplished businesswoman, a trailblazer in so many respects, and a professional singer, could have been talking about my mother when she noted that one of the keys to success is being true to your "authentic self."
My mother's authentic self centers on constantly learning and improving herself.  She has a true intellectual curiosity. In addition to raising six children, she regularly took college courses and seminars in subjects as diverse as religion, bookkeeping, philosophy, accounting, English and computer science. She is one of the first people I've known to have a laptop, one of the first to have an I-phone. She texted long before I knew how. Her authentic sense is to constantly grow and learn.
By being with women like Carla Harris, my WBO colleagues, and my own mother, I am challenged anew to think about how I can best be my authentic self. I hope your time at The Power Conference was equally motivating. And if you were not able to attend, I hope you will sign up for next year. I think it was our best conference yet. Authentically yours, Jamie Kent Hamelburg WBO President
Jamie Kent Hamelburg is a business and commercial real estate attorney with Press, Dozier & Hamelburg, LLC, a general business law firm in Bethesda. jhamelburg@pressdozierlaw.com and www.pressdozierlaw.com





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