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 Miriam Paska
          When Miriam Paska, owner of Village Green Consulting, is asked to explain what she does, she likes to say, “I rescue businesses from dysfunctional websites.”  Miriam works with business owners or their marketing agencies to improve the online presence of businesses whose “non techie” owners are often overwhelmed by too many online solutions for their businesses. Yes, they want their business to grow. They want to communicate with their audience, but they do not know how to “showcase” their business.  “They need a digital ambassador who will provide a professional look, thus helping owners to sell their products or services through their company website,” says Miriam.
     Miriam also works with associations of up to 12 people.  Often an internal person is assigned to maintain the website and association software, but it’s beyond their comfort level and takes away from their trained expertise.  Organizations hire Miriam to serve as their software expert.  She helps them create and maintain their website, organize and understand their association management software, tackle their email marketing software and make sure all these components “talk” to each other, ensuring ease of use for the internal term and, especially, for their constituents. 
     “Most owners are not able or trained to do the techie stuff,” says Miriam, who can update or design/revise a website, design marketing campaigns, make sure the website is in synch with the client’s management software and make sure data is correct.  “We build websites to showcase your business with customer ease in mind,” says Miriam. We can help you start a project, sell products or services on line through your website, or update your website so it can grow as your business grows.”
     While Village Green Consulting has been in existence for about four years, Miriam has been a web designer working on clients’ contracts for a long time. Her background includes web and graphic design, project management and sales, as well as art with an emphasis on graphic design, which was her area of expertise as an undergrad. She went from an interest in sculpture and thinking about how 3D art can achieve balance and stay together to thinking about how to unite many aspects of a project and make that project look good.  “I discovered that web design had a mechanical aspect as well as a creative aspect, and I love being able to figure out how to make it work while still looking good,” she says.   As a matter of fact, she liked it so much that she pursued a Master’s degree in Internet Business Systems. She became a fluent speaker of design, technology and business, and learned how those disciplines integrate to create powerful websites. 
     Originally from Wisconsin, Miriam worked in New York for many years before moving here in October 2016 with her husband and daughters. “I love what I do,”
says Miriam. The name Village Green is reminiscent of the village green found in small New England towns, now conceived as a virtual village green. “People gather around a village green to get information,” says Miriam, adding, “I like to think websites are a place where people gather to get information.”
     A relatively new WBO member, Miriam joined last January and “from the first meeting, I felt that this was a group of people who really support one another and genuinely want to see you succeed. They’re open to conversations and fellowship. This group works!”
     When Miriam is not working, she is a busy mom who has four-year-old twins and likes to discover family friendly activities throughout the region.
     If your business could benefit from a website that showcases your organization, visit and then email Miriam at  

Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC, PCC


     When longtime WBO member Amy Schoen is asked what she does, she describes her unique work this way:  “I help marriage-minded singles to recognize and connect with their true love partner.  By gaining a clear understanding of their key relationship values, and focusing on meeting people who share their life goals, my clients are able to finally find their marriage partner, get off the dating merry-go-round and, frequently, get married within six months to a year’s time, having the peace of mind that they can now direct their energies towards a life partner and a rewarding family life.” 

     As a professional life coach and dating/relationship expert, Amy arrived at what is now her life’s work somewhat circuitously. After earning an MBA from Georgetown University, she owned and operated a Bethesda upscale clothing boutique, La Petite Classique, for 13 years. After closing the store in 2003, Amy created Amy’s Eye for Style, an image/wardrobe consulting business, designed to help her clients establish their best image to achieve their goals, including finding a life partner. Now working exclusively with clients who want to achieve success in their personal relationships, Amy focuses on life and relationship coaching and specializes in improving communication problems, helping couples co-create their relationship, and solving dating problems of all kinds.

     Amy’s clients are men and women from 30 to 70 -- singles who have never married, as well as those who are divorced or widowed.  “Most clients want to feel more confident about themselves and what they can offer to a relationship,” says Amy, whose clients find her through referral, through her website, or after meeting her through a workshop or personal contact through networking.  While a large percentage of Amy’s clients are in the DC area, several are across the U.S. and even internationally based. Amy coaches with her clients either face-to-face, on the phone, or through Skype or Facetime.

     A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Amy had a strong business background and retail experience when she was introduced to the Coaches Training Institute of San Raphael, California, which later became her coaching school.  “I loved it,” says Amy. “Everything came together and I was able to utilize all of my previous experience.”  She likes “being there to support my clients, loves to see their changes and growth,” and enjoys the variety of the many types of people with whom she works.  “I help them to see that there is a process and, if they follow that, it will lead to a true love partner.” 

     Amy works one-on-one, does group coaching and also has a small group utilizing “intimate coaching experience and private coaching combined.”  All her clients have access to her proprietary online coaching program, “The Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets” program.  Also, as a Certified Professional whole Life coach, Amy helps here clients with life balance issues so they have more time and space in their lives to pursue a significant love relationship.  This is especially important for the single entrepreneurs that Amy has an affinity for to coach!

     Amy’s clients particularly like the fact that her life experience parallels theirs. Divorced in her mid-thirties, she remarried at 42 and gave birth to her son at the age of 48, after coping with infertility issues.  Now the mother of an active nine-year-old, Amy spends a lot of time “doing the mom thing,” and loving it.

     Amy’s company, Heartmind Connection Coaching, is a perfect resource for people who yearn to “learn a system of how to meet people who share their values so they can meet the right person and eventually have the coupled life they truly envision for themselves. Coach Amy also works closely with clients on their online dating strategy and has successfully helped many men and women represent themselves with online profiles.  “Over 80% of my successful clients have met their partner on line.  I recommend it to all my clients,” says Amy, noting, “It has to be part of their dating plan.”

     Amy is the author of “Motivate to Marry® – Now There is a Better Method to Dating and Relationships” and “Get It Right This Time-- How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Relationship.” As a professional speaker, Amy often speaks at professional and social organizations’ meetings. She has contributed freelance articles to a variety of publications and has been interviewed on numerous radio and TV stations. 

     If you or someone you know would benefit from coaching to learn how to find and connect sooner than later with their soul mate for a committed relationship or marriage, visit Coach Amy’s website, to sign up for one of her Meet Your Mate Complimentary Strategy Sessions.  Or you can call Amy at 240-498-7803 or email her at


Ellen R. Cohen is a free-lance writer and editor whose "editorial advertising" helps her clients advertise their goods and services in a variety of ways. She can be reached at (301) 984-7444.

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