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I'd Rather Be In Charge

17 Feb 2012 2:05 PM | Anonymous
On my list of books to read this year is Charlotte Beers' I'd Rather Be In Charge, which is described as  "a master class for women who are ready to shatter their own glass ceilings."  Beers is a pioneer of women attaining leadership positions in the business and political world.  She is the former CEO of Ogilvy and Mather, and served as Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs under Colin Powell.  She was interviewed on Morning Joe this morning and had some interesting advice for women looking to find a "warrior way of leading."  For example, leave your "mommy" self and your "wife" self at home when you go to the office.  And don't worry about being liked by everyone.  Though it seems to be aimed more at women in management positions at large companies, her insights seem applicable to all women in business.  If you've read the book or saw the interview, post your thoughts about Beers' take on women and leadership. 



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